a twerpy, untrustworthy guy
That's a needle-dick motherf#*ker
by Tony Brooms May 02, 2003
someone with a small penis. usually insecure and also fat to go along with the small penis.
eh joe, nice needle dick you got there. Looks like a twig and berries.
by your mother sucks cock February 01, 2009
An embarrassingly small penis with an ejaculation time of 15 seconds.
Brad Thorson has a needle dick
by TW December 19, 2004
a thin penis
David Cox
by Gangster January 20, 2003
An insult that is used throughout Australian culture to insult anothers penis size.
Kevin: Nice face Needle Dick.
George: Screw You!
by Geo12 December 14, 2008
A long, slender penis with hardly any width.
Britney Spears: OMG did you see that needle dick?
Kevin Federline: Yes when i sucked that i didn't even hardly have to open my mouth!
by Sharon Butts November 07, 2009
basically a little dickhead. this person will wear a faggy flat-bill cincinnati reds hat every day yet he has never claimed to be a fan until this year. he's not above going blues brothers and wearing his sunglasses at night and he has been known to associate with an "old lady." he's also douche enough to still root for lebron james.
Dude, you're a fucking needle dick
by Berry Blueman October 10, 2010
A very small and thin dick, reminiscent of the size of a needle or as thin and as short as a needle. Very similar to a baby dick, or a micro penis or even a teeny-weeny, due to the very small size of it.
Rachel said "Gareth, you have a very small penis, a needle dick! hahahahahaha"
by GarethB February 10, 2006

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