One who suffers from "Dinky Wang Syndrom"
Jeremy is suffering from needledick.
by Anthony January 01, 2004
A popular insult derived from Adam Sandler's classic movie "the Waterboy".(see example below)
Get off the field needle dick!

Needle dick! Needle dick! Needle dick!

It may be a needle but it works like a sewing machine!
by LarryFromLA September 20, 2007
An extremely small penis, with extremely small balls underneath it.
Brad Thorson flashed his penis at my pool, forgetting that he had a needle dick.
by TW December 19, 2004
Needledick - The name of someone who bullies or harasses others out of jealousy because their dick is too small
Phil is an absolute needledick
by Imnotahobo July 22, 2014
a very long sharp skinny penis much like a needle
god that guys needle dick hurt last night
by Bag of tea June 07, 2009
someone with a small penis. usually insecure and also fat to go along with the small penis.
eh joe, nice needle dick you got there. Looks like a twig and berries.
by your mother sucks cock February 01, 2009
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