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Its a common word for the everyday thug of Glasgow. there are many types of ned.
Common ned,Goon Ned,Mad ned,Cheeky ned.
They are either totally respected or else totally hated.They normally go around in big crews or fleetos
Ned : Am gonnae get ma fleeto ontae you ya mad rocket.
Person : Ohno please dont.
Ned: aye well seeing yer feart noo!
**Person punches ned**
**Ned hacks person with a machette and then runs**
by Shawty_Kaz April 17, 2004
71 55
scotish word for townie
see townie
by ... May 06, 2004
45 53
an acronym for non-educated delinquent, a ned describes what a Londoner may refer to as a "rudeboy". This overly long and complicated word for such simpletons originated in Scotland.
Look at that herd of neds approaching us...
by Talfan July 16, 2005
7 16
Derived from non-educated deliquent. Originates in Scotland, particularly Glasgow, but is now used throughout the UK.
A young person who is particularly fond of tracksuits and imitation gold jewellery. They will listen to dance music. A ned will attempt to get as drunk as possible while spending the least money possible and will smoke cheap pot.
em no ned, me! yer feckin' huppy.
by stay classy san diego April 05, 2005
18 27
Non-educated delinquent.

Spot a need by their fake brand or stolen tracksuit, white cap, white trainers, cheap booze (often buckfast), lack of self-hygene and distain for anyone with half a brain cell.

Also see townies, chavs, scallys
"pht ye lookin' et?"
by A Friend December 09, 2004
8 17
Derived from the term 'Non educated delinquent'. NED was written on the bottom of school reports in the old days when the pupil hadn't achieved anything at school.

Scottish term used mainly in the west coast, similar to chav, scally etc. Often wear tracksuits (with the trousers tucked into their white socks) or some really 'pure dead' expensive label. Hang around in groups around shops or bus stops or mcdonalds. Wear far too much gold jewelry.
Drink bucky or some other drink that makes you pure 'mad fer it'. Often comparing knives.
pure dead brilliant
by jekyllasdfasfdasfdf January 20, 2006
8 18

Aka. Wee fanny, cunthole, kev, scally, etc.
Dinnae ca' us neds ya fuckin' plamph!
by Kenny September 07, 2004
11 21
scotish phraise that describes a person who has no educational background or a juvenial delinquent.
Look at that guy hes such a ned.
by shrieker September 22, 2003
7 17