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To dig up an old post and topic that has long since been buried. An old tired poster walking around in tattered threads.
Zeke necropostered the lounge in a drunken stupor. Dayglow has become a necroposter as of late.
This thread isn't fit for a necroposter.
I'm surprised that Claude even speaks to such a necroposter.
Gayblow derives scat satisfaction in his necroposterdum
by Shove Aloe October 13, 2006
A person posting in a really old topic. Such as a topic that is a year old. They look for old post and try to start them up again. Most necroposting is caused by the primitive race known as the n00b
TehSL1(01/3/04)Yeah Hl2 will be good
n00b(03/14/05)no way hl2 is teh suxorz
Kagami(03/14/05)stop nao necroposter!!
by Honto June 04, 2005