Someone who, well, err.. Has sex with dead bodies.
"I wouldn't be caught dead with a necrophiliac"
by sianster April 08, 2008
probably derived from greek 'necro' having something to do with the dead and 'philia' meaning something to do with sex. Therefore meaning shagging the contents of a sarcophagus or fantacising about the aforementioned act while masturbating or something like that. Also see necrophiliac necropedophile necromancy necromancer necropolis necromantic
Jack dreams about Lisa Riley dead and covered in paint, I call that necrophilia.
by YoHansII March 01, 2004
A Person Who Has Sex With People Who Are Dead.
Tyler said he would have sex with kaity if she was dead. :-)
That Is A Necrophiliac.
by Bobula October 24, 2007
Sexually aroused or attracted to dead bodies.
Bella Swan is a necrophiliac due to her attraction towads her dead boyfriend - Edward Cullen.
by Riz. April 25, 2010
A person who is obsessed with dead people, and finds them very attractive, often sleeping with the corpse.
Tyler is a necrophiliac, because he can't get any other female, or male.
by Carolyn Kenobi March 02, 2008
someone who has sex with dead bodies
that mortician is such a necrophiliac
by luwanda September 30, 2007
A person who gets mourning wood
That guy humping that corpse is a necrophiliac.
by Dangskippity August 21, 2014
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