someone you wouldn't be caught dead with
I wouldn't be caught dead with a necrophiliac
by Stinky June 14, 2004
Top Definition
someone who has intercourse with dead people.
Go rape a corpse you gay necrophiliac!
by Brandon August 23, 2003
One who is obsessed with dead bodies, in some cases having enjoying having sex with corpses.
A necrophilac tendancy shot down his spine while at the morgue.
by Jaden Bathory July 17, 2003
Someone who likes to get his/her freak on with a dead person.
Kaylee is a mortician that fucks the dead bodies, and then makes them look all pretty for their wakes. Lol
by Amerikan0Perfekt14 July 13, 2005
one who has Sexual Intercourse with a dead person. Or some one who rapes dead people for pleasure.
Ralf is a deceased 97 year old man and Belinda is a necrophiliac who has an old person fetish. one day Belinda wanted some action so she went to her local cemerty and dug up ralph. she then make his penis erect with a fresh injection of blood. she then shoved ralphs wrinkly penis up her VAGINA and pleasured her self
by i eat baby February 23, 2005
One who likes to have sex with dead bodies.
Look at that necrophiliac get it on with that dead crossing gaurd.
by Brad Dotlich March 31, 2003
having sexual intercourse with a dead or unconcious person. (unconsious was added because when people got caught they said "i thought they were unconcious")

Oh and by the way the dumbasses that said it has something to do with raping dead people. YOU CANNOT RAPE A DEAD PERSON AS THEY HAVE NO WILL. IF THEY HAVE NO WILL YOU CANNOT HAVE INTERCOURSE WITH THEM AGAINST THEIR WILL.
the necrophiliac was at his court hearing. "I thought she was unconsious." he exclaimed. Then he was sent to a mental assylum.
by Lythius Xiloscient June 19, 2005
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