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A person whom, for one reason or another, prefers sexual relations with a dead human being over a living one. Usually a previous aquaintance and generally preserved similarly to a sex doll.
(see Sexy Loser)
(opinion)- I believe that, thought not unfounded, necrophelia is one of the most peculiar and awkward fetishes. Worse than consensual defication and clown sex but not as bad as homicidal arousal and bestiality
by Jean-Rene' White January 02, 2004
One who prefers to have sexual relations with a dead person.
"Man, that Selena is so hot, I would fuck her corpse." Perfect example of a necropheliac.
by tommyboy79 October 12, 2005
One who is turned on by the thought of gettin' nasty with a corpse.
Sexually attracted to dead folks.
by Loki July 20, 2003
A person who prefers to fuck dead instead of live people.
Someone who fucks dead people.
by Dan January 09, 2004
those ppl who bang dead bodies...
dude...that guy is more than kinky...he's a straight up necropheliac!!!
by kdizzlefoshizzle March 16, 2006
someone who makes stiff and cold love to a corpse and is able to get off because its one of their fetishes.
To make up for the lack of sex with his wife when she was living, Harold became a necropheliac.

A dialogue with a necropheliac:
Jon: Wow, that girl's hot, I'd fuck her. What do you think?
Joe the Necro: Nah, she's not my type.
Jon: Really?
Joe the Necro pulls out gun and fatally shoots the girl and says: Now I would.
by jeremy from brookline February 10, 2006
almost everyone in twilight
she's a necropheliac 'cause she fucks dead people!
by ohmygoddd123 January 11, 2010
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