ur stupid. necro isn't slang. it's a latin prefix meaning or relating to dead
necro means dead and opolis means city so necropolis means city of the dead.
#there #are #no #related #words
by uglypplsuk April 11, 2007
A sick underground death-rapper who has a style of Death metal and rap mixed.
Damn necro is a suck fuck!
Hell yeah he is the most sadistic
by Thomas Grove June 20, 2005
Emcee from Brooklyn
Producer and owner of PSYCHO+LOGICAL music label
"Bury you with Satan"
"The most sadistic"
by MIKEONE May 25, 2005
dead or death.

like a sc player named nercosausage...

i... just thought i'd menition it...
he's a necrophile!! ~ he has sex with dead people!!
by Mishapo May 13, 2005
A short form on Necromancer, used in Diablo II
Summoning Necros suck ass
#necromancer #diablo #diablo ii #summoning #curse #poisen and bone
by h-i May 12, 2006
1: Latin for "dead" (I think...er)

2: The equvilent of rad or awesome, used by grim people, who listen to Black Metal and worship Satan.
Nate - "Have you heard the new Mayhem CD?"

John - "Yeah, it's totally-fucking-pure-necro!"

Nate and John - "SATAN!"
by Mister Fleshcage June 26, 2005
necro is slang or short for the word necrophiliac which is to fuck a corpse.
He sneaks down the grave yard at night to shag the dead because he a necro
by Jak the pak May 18, 2005
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