"I want your nebraska!"
"He really does nebraska me."
"Sure, I'll tell her I nebraska her, just for a little of her Ohio."
by Altoecko July 05, 2006
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Nebraska is the only bisexual state in the United States. It always goes both ways during election time. Nebraska is the only state that allows for a split in the electoral vote. Since 1991, two of Nebraska's five electoral votes are awarded based on the winner of the statewide election while the other three go to the highest vote-getter in each of the state's three congressional districts. This fact was later embraced by Nebraska in a tourism slogan that said, "Nebraska, We Go Both Ways."
Nebraska is bisexual. It goes both ways. It's true, I read that somewhere.
by CambridgeBayWeather November 20, 2006
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home to Saddle Creek Records, featuring indie-rock gloomy superstar Conor O'Berst, of Bright Eyes.
This band sounds like it might be Nebraska-esque.
by vivalachelsea November 09, 2003
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nebraska is in the middle of the country and contains some of the most historical landmarks in the country...there is always someting to do unless you are someone who thinks just because they have a few fields we cant have fun, becausethey have some of the funnest things to do if you know locals.

some of the highschools are among the schools in the country with the most stds and pregnancys...lots of the people are not sheltered they just don't open up to every flippin tourist who spends one day in the state while never leaving the car.

they are the most straightforward, stubborn, and hardworking people you will EVER find and it is a beautiful place but noone who doesn't grow up there grows to appreciate it worth a darn.
Welcome to nebraska.
by madeline larie May 28, 2006
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Highly notorious for its corn and...well, that's about it.
Nebraska is cornville.
by anonymousman3232 October 17, 2009
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An unknown state in the US, known for it's football team, koolaid, spam, and CORN. Fields and fields of CORN..
Guy: Hey, where do you live?
Girl: Nebraska..-sighs-
Guy:...What country is that?
Girl: 0.o
by Elliez May 04, 2007
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A mythical place, where supposedly there is a lot of corn, and a college team. However, these are yet to be proved true.
Pam: Hi, I just moved here from Nebraska!
Tyler: Where?
by Mark Panda April 17, 2008
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