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A po'dunk street in a small poor county in west Georgia.
Nebo Elementary School
by Bynum May 16, 2006
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1.the phenomenon or occurrence in certain shoe types, to curl upwards thus resembling elf shoes.

2. the act of forcefully curling an individuals shoes to cause them to resemble elf shoes.
That dudes shoes are hella neboed
by noonebo March 22, 2011
The act of simultaneously kneeing and elbowing someone in the face.
Omg that dude just totally got nebo'd.
by MF:PDX November 26, 2010
Someone whose cursed with the number 69, the nerd-type, but appears to be one of the cool kids, can run amazingly fast as needed and enjoys to have company.
He is a nebo
by neb0609 August 25, 2010
To jab someone with your knee and elbow simultaneously. It is usually done jokingly and it looks especially silly when two people are both neboing each other.
Don't piss me off or I'll have to nebo you!
by Summer Y. October 25, 2006

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