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Adjective used to describe someone from Northeast Philly. For females, it typically describes someone who uses a great deal of hair products to obtain a slicked back ponytail, an overabundance of makeup, and big hoop earrings. For males, it typically describes a white boy who wishes he were black but is kind of racist at the same time. Both genders exhibit overuse of the word "ain't", wear oversized GAP hoodies/fleeces and Reebok Classics, and use do-it-yourself hairdye kits.
Damn, that girl is so neasty! I bet if I knocked on her head her hair would crack!
by Gabriella L. July 20, 2006
ADJ-A modern, contemporary way to express that something is repulsive or disgusting.
Dude, that pimple is neasty.
by JuanDiego-ieatdurcookie July 17, 2009
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