to get on your knees and keep your job
Neal has to get on his/her knees to keep his/her job. I cannot tell you what she/he will then do because she/he will do anything
by derlin November 28, 2007
a nerd that you just have to love because he is so unattractive. he often gives hugs and acts embarassed when asked personal quesions.
Fally: haha, ilove that kid!

Uranus: ya,i know. hes such a neal.
by jackfiddley June 18, 2008
In many countries, this means 'Feces'.
"Man, I really need to go to the bathroom - I have a 'Neal' poking!"
by Elisa F. August 24, 2006
Someone that has no friends,depends on his parents to stand up for him, can't do anything for him self.Thinks everyone likes him and has no clue that he sucks as a human being.Talks about everyone else because he feels shitty about himself-Sad waste of life!
Person 1; I need some gas for my car! Can I borrow


Person 2; Quit being a "Neal" and get a job!

Person 1; Noone ever helps me out!!

Person 2; Thats because you have no friends, and besides

you're a "Neal"!
by Not Neal's Mama December 28, 2009
In the 80's tv series 'The Young Ones' a Character named Neal symbolized the pinnacle of a pacifistic no good hippie.
The other characters had none respect for him what so ever...

A 'Neal' is a weak, soft, pacifistic person, that you do not respect.
"Hahaha very funny, Neal!" - Rick Mayal
by Joram June 08, 2004

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