The skinniest person you will ever meet. Anorexic. He looks as if he hasn't eaten in weeks.
Neal looks like he is dying.
by YES February 21, 2005
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Top Definition
The biggest vagina you will ever meet. He has no ambition and no desire to do anything but play computer. A person who has nothing to live for.
Neal is a big vagina.
by OH YEAH February 19, 2005
A child sized man who never showers or eats. A sickly looking person with nothing going for him. Also see baby dick, small penis, chicken legs, or loser.
Who is that piece of shit?
Oh, thats Neal Anderson
by Yessssssssss February 28, 2005
A skinny bitch with the ugliest girlfriend EVER. She looks like somebody beat her with an ugly stick and then shoved her face in a meat grinder.
Damn dude, who's that skinny bitch?!
That's Neal Anderson, but who's that ugly ho with him?
I dont know man, but she looks like a failed science experiment!
by MMMMMMMMMMM February 21, 2005

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