The nDo (NeoDevOrder) was started by a group of mugen character/stage creators meant to steal and claim ownership to already existing characters/stages. The nDo was responsible for many warehousing sites at the time of 2001 - 2003. It is said that the Warehousing era of now is because of the nDo. The nDo recently attacked when they publicly hosted Big Eli King's, now known as XCB, private MvC2 Jill. This is also weird because XCB himself was one of the founders of the nDo. The nDo has now resurfaced and will continue in warehousing and stealing mugen characters from the creators.
The warehousing era of 2006, a case that could've been caused by the nDo.
by Kung Fu Man July 27, 2006
Top Definition
Nipples Directed Outward. Also known as NIPPONS.
It's so cold, I have NDO!
by Jeff Aaron August 01, 2006
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