and acronym for Nothin' But Ash
when a bowl, bong, bubbler, or other smoking paraphanalia is done being smoked and there is nothing left in the bowl or slide except ash.
Yo bro stop hitting that bowl its NBA.
Go repack that bowl its NBA.
by dmbcustom1030 November 28, 2005

Only the worst professional league there is. The NBA can't compare to the greatness of the NFL or the NHL. The NBA happens to have about the same attendance as the NHL. The only differece between the two rivals is that more people watch the NBA on TV. That's 'cause americans are dumb-shits for wanting to watch niggerball on TV over hockey.
Bubba: Hey dog, did ya see the Lakers game last night?

Mark: Fuck no! Why the fuck would I watch a shitty sport?!

Bubba: Huh? What you say?

Mark: You illiterate fool, I'd rather watch a real sport like hockey than watch that shit-for-brains sport you call basketball.

Bubba: So, what ya sayin' dog?

Mark: What i'm saying is THE NBA SUCKS!
by fuckbasketball69 September 28, 2006
the NBA is the female version of the WNBA
Them bitches cannot play basketball.
by black men can't hoop November 21, 2004
mafia basketball association

the most corrupt sport in existence
A sport where the mafia brings the players hookers and they still gotta go and rape women.A sport where you can go and bet on your own games at Las Vegas or Atlantic City.
by wtf? ... Pete Rose December 07, 2003

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