An abbreviation meaning ( No Blacks Allowed )
Chris Brown: *walks into the room*
Person 1: Hey WTF?!
Person 2: Dude! NBA!
by Fuji Pen April 20, 2009
Naturally Bad Ass
The sniper in Saving Private Ryan was the most NBA person I have ever seen.
by nilla8 February 26, 2011
No Bitchassness!

Calling people out their pussy bullshit.

Basically saying, stop being a little bitch.
Alec: "Oh my gosh I got a A- on that test!"
Karina & Becca: "Shut the fuck up, NBA SON!"
by budddddyx3 September 27, 2010
Nothin' But Ass

a whole lot of ass
Lo-lo:"That's a damn shame."
Cup: "what is, girl?"
Lo-lo: "that boy aint got NBA-

Girl 1 -what u gon get yo man for valentine's day?
girl 2 -NBA
Girl 1 - what???
by Dat loudmouf chic January 14, 2005
Often used as a exlamation yelled when someone, usually an athetic person, scores a 3 pointer while shooting hoops.
Person 1 scores a three pointer
Person 2 "NBA!"
by wolfioligy101 May 18, 2009
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