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Natural Bad Ass
Man She's a real NBA
Ikr! She is a Natural Bad Ass!
by RealChickPoohbear July 11, 2011
3 2
no birds allowed, a time for just chillin with the boys when you dont want any stupid birds annoying you
"Yo wanna go burn at my house?"
"Definitely nba, just the boys"
by mpp12 December 05, 2011
2 2
Naturally Bad Ass
Samuel Jackson might be the most NBA actor ever.
by nilla8 November 07, 2010
5 5
NBA stands for National Basketball Association. Just to tell you basketball rocks.
What's your favorite team in the NBA?
by imanOG October 21, 2005
63 63
Never Broke Again
Me: Bro, i aint gun NBA cause my bitch got guap on guap
Devon: thats chill af doe
by BiiG Roscoe March 26, 2013
0 1
I'm very dissatisfied with these definitions. All these definitions are either extremely racist (and I live in West Virginia so thats saying something)or are talking about basketball sucking in general.

Now I must say, I do have a general disdain for the NBA, but its not because I don't like basketball. I FRIGGIN LOVE BASKETBALL!!! I am glued to my TV all winter watching NCAA hoops. When I do watch NBA I can't help but shake my head (its not because they're all black, there are still a lot of white guys, many of them are European). It's not real basketball, here's why

1. Minimal team play. Most of the "superstars" are only out to make a name for themselves
2. NO effort on defense.
3. Artificial rules to make higher scoring games (24 second shot clock, defensive 3 seconds, that retarded circle under the basket where you can't take a charge, etc)

The NBA sucks. As soon as a player enters the draft, I stop caring about them. Calling the NBA real basketball is like calling Fall Out Boy real punk
Person 1: Who won the Lakers Spurs game last night
Me: Who the fuck cares
Person 1: I thought you liked basketball
Me: That's why I watched the Duke UNC game instead of that NBA crap
by ojuice3112 March 18, 2008
42 43
Nothing But Africans
The NBA is nothing but africans
by racistbastard80 May 14, 2011
7 9