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Nothing But Africans
The NBA is nothing but africans
by racistbastard80 May 14, 2011
7 9
Nation Basketball Association, which is over looked by many people because it is said not to be a team sport. If you watched the NBA Finals you know it IS a team sport.
The Kobe's, sorry i mean the Lakers, haven't won a NBA championship since Shaq left.
by Chassidy October 28, 2006
57 50
A overweight male, of asian ethnicity, had many recognizable facial features such as overly squishie cheeks.
On can also be refered to as NBA if he acts accordingly, even if he/she does not have the physical attributes of NBA. Characteristics can include heavily flawed or incistant logic, a lack of sense with money and a short temper.
I just poked NBA's cheeks
by Revilo Llewop August 07, 2011
26 20
The sport with the wimpiest players on earth. If they stub thier toe they have to be carried out on a strecther. It's also the only sport in which the last 2 minutes can last 2 hours. Gotta love those 200 hundred timeouts that the teams get.
ouch I bit my tongue, get me a wheelchair, quick, so I can be like the NBA
by chances14 May 18, 2007
52 46
A bunch of white guys sitting on a bench.
Exception: Larry Bird and Chandler Parsons.
1. Yo did you see lin light it up last night?
2. No who the heck is that?
1. He's this Asian...
2. NOPE! He's gonna end up like Yao. The nba is national blacks association
by Totes my gotes December 03, 2013
4 0
No Basketball Anymore
there is NBA because Lebron couldnt finish the 4th quarter
by KidSavage November 16, 2011
14 10
(n.) Niggers Bouncing Around

The majority of people playing pro ball are black. Therefore, it is appropriate to call them "niggers" "bouncing" a ball "around".
Kobe Bryant and Lebron James are really good NBA's.

Shaq is a NBA that cannot shoot free throws.
by chosan December 31, 2009
30 27
This term is short for the phrase No Bitch-Assness
It can be used in many ways, but most commonly is used when tell someone to stop bitching
There will be NB-A allowed in my prescence
by Josh NB-A Huff August 31, 2011
2 1