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Almighty. Leader of all packs.
The sex. In bed.
Great lover.
The light of my eye.
You are the Nazri in bed.
In this situation, you are the Nazri.
You are my Nazri.
by nkassim1 December 17, 2010
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The noob. The feeder. The weakest among the weak. Born to be a loser. A disgrace. Daft. Stupid. Random. A fool. Small manhood.
The boy is a nazri. He is as dumb as a nazri.
Famous quotation: Ibnu Sayed Naufal Al-Shahabudin: "Work your way up to achieve your dream and success will surely follow, never be a nazri in life, for it will drag you down, to the lowest pits of life."
by Ibnu Sayed Naufal Shahabudin February 06, 2011
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