People who take over a country and set up their National Socialist government. Then, they set up concentration camps in their nation. These camps have gas chambers to kill people.

They use the camps to kill Jews, Muslims, Black People, Faggots, Lesbos, Gypsys, Hispanics, Communists, Socialists, and all those other people I hate.

haha! I luvs da Nazi! Nazis are awesome! I <3 Nazis!!!!

fuck u

by Whateveren May 20, 2008
The Republican Party
enough said
by Pirra June 08, 2007
A group of idiots, dictated by idiots; Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler is a Nazi!
by Laser November 13, 2002
poeple who try to use their power to treat others like shit, i.e. some R.A.s
That fuckin hall nazi had it comin to her. i don't disrespect unless first disrespected. remember that,goddamnit.
by tomskerritt April 23, 2003
A group of homosexuals that put Jewish people in the oven.
#1. JD is a nazi, need I say more?
#2. Similar to the KKK, but Nazi put jews in the oven instead.
by manicmanic999 January 08, 2006
A white supremesist who belives in the power of only one race,hating all others,similar to the Klu Klux Klan
Adolf Hitler is a fucking dicksucker,he made the nazis!
by The Pie-Lover March 24, 2005
retards who were so cunts and were so plain and dumb that they needed to make themselves feel important by trying to kill the real geniuses of the planet the Jewish people
nazis are all in hell right now
by Robin Norbi May 14, 2005

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