The Bush Administration
Illegal NSA Wiretaps? Sending Search Results To FBI? Big Brother Is Watching? All Ordered By Bush? Wow Something The Nazi's Would Do!
by Kevin For The Bill of Rights February 20, 2006
Regular german that hit a Question mark box in mario and got that Big mushroom!Also in death camps they go the Fire Flower =)))))))))))
Jew:I hate Nazis
Nazi:atleast i dont steal the worlds money and use it to fund Terrorist Attacks like those that occured on September 11th
Jew:sorry my huge jew nose was clogged with all the gold i was hiding,nazi gold i might add
by ILoveHitlerToDeath August 23, 2009
The most epic peopel on the planet.
"You know that guy Box Of Soap is a nazi?"
by Box Of Soap July 09, 2009
Full-time URBAN DICTIONARY "EDITOR" (read: censor).

Often self important individual who has much free time as expressed in the vast number of entries JUDGED unworthy. Whose REJECT rate is to the moon, and whose REJECT pile is only overshadowed by the NAZI's own volume of entries.
"Dammit, the NAZIs rejected another of my entries.
Oh, look! It's KungFu Jesus with 1300 entries."

"Kung F U, NAZI!"
by Chingo Bolemongo September 26, 2006
Politcal party in germany a short time before and during WWII. Lead by Adolf Hitler, we all know hitler had a small penis, taking over the world was his way of trying to compensate.
Hitler-Hey, i got a small penis, wanna kill some jews, or maybe black's, eh fuck it, lets just kill em all. we'll call ourself's the Nazis. and while were at it lets take a symbol from another people, and make it ours.
nazi-OKAY SIR!
by RPB February 27, 2006
A gay hating, black hating, anti-radical/liberal, ableist moron that believes in the perfect world in which everyone wears the same hair color, the same blue eyes, white skin, and free from deformities and kills those who are black, brown, yellow, homosexual,and disabled. Those who condemn using this world often said that Nazis were the Germans that killed Jews and other "useless" eaters of their country. AKA Neo-Nazi, this word can also insult the patriotic American by associating them with the totalairian Nazi government.

On the other hand, Neo-Nazis, which can also be liberals, take great pride in trying to make this planet into the Trule society.
1. Punk: "Why do you have to go by this Nazi pig's idea?"

Prep: "Cuz' you're a retard!"

Punk: "Unless you're a Nazi yourself, twit!"

2. George W. Bush= Nazi moron
by Sasquatch_Rebel April 30, 2008
homosexual hippies into Satanism and witchraft

tried to take over the world
also tried to exterminate all the Jews and also murdered tons of non-Jews too
by Hitler was a real prick! May 11, 2005

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