Anyone who is associated with the nazi regime or andy perreault of grand falls
I'm about to unleash my french and nazi side on your ass!
by Nicolas Olmstead June 03, 2005
someone who fought for germany in world war two under the rule of Adolf Hitler. Many of them were not anti-semetist themselves, they were conscripted into Hitler's army so they weren't killed.
the nazi fought in wwii so he wouldn't be killed himself
by no future June 02, 2005
arent they just th cutest? aww they think theyre smart!
"i hate niggers!"
"aww thats cute... now grow up you dumb nazis"
by The Gimp's Sleeping July 11, 2008
German Nazi, evil, band director that has to have everything her way If not she fails you... She also likes to make little kids cry... (in disneyland... 2001.... General Mitchel march)
Roxanna. The EVIL NAZI director of the Benicia band.
by efdrescuedriver February 09, 2006
Basicly a group of people that believe in white power. i guess i would be considered an enemy cause im not aryan. Surprisingly, there is a website that they have which is pathetic, yet scary. Google search Nazi if you want to take a look-see. also see prep
nazis hate anything different than them because they are stupid morons.
by _Cory_ June 08, 2005
The true way to realize the superiority of white christan men and women. just kidding. Bunch of assholes and people who think they are better than jews blacks and everyone else.
HAIL HITLER! HAIL HITLER! just kidding relax
by Dan May 31, 2005
Regular german that hit a Question mark box in mario and got that Big mushroom!Also in death camps they go the Fire Flower =)))))))))))
Jew:I hate Nazis
Nazi:atleast i dont steal the worlds money and use it to fund Terrorist Attacks like those that occured on September 11th
Jew:sorry my huge jew nose was clogged with all the gold i was hiding,nazi gold i might add
by ILoveHitlerToDeath August 23, 2009

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