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A member of the Republican Party of The United States of America.
I did not vote for Führer Bush or his Nazi protege, Reichskanzler McCain.
by .better to die on your feet... March 16, 2010
a psychological misfit with a tiny penis who entertains himself with fantasies of killing all non-white people, because in his heart, he feels like a loser but tries to overcome his personal pain by hating other people.
A nazi is usually impotent because his teeny dick is too ashamed to show itself.
by slickbillie August 20, 2009
Short for National Socialist Party. It was created by Anton Drexler and later Adolf Hitler took over (using the title 'Fuehrer') and made the party into a major sucess. The party took power in 1933 and the Third Reich began.
Hitler: Es lebe Deustchland!

Nazis aka the German people: SIEG HEIL! SIEG HEIL! SEIG HEIL!
by supertoaster February 25, 2009
a group of people who these days us the banner of the ruling party of 1930's-40's germany to get away with acts of sick brutality. The original nazis did some sick things but they also made germany great after it got arse raped by france after ww2>. The second type belived they were doing somthing for the betterment of germany.
Redneck skinhead 1: we should be nazi's cos we h8 fu**ing jews.
Redneck skinhead 2: cool see ya'll at the klan meet sunday

Nazi officer : Hitler makes germany gteat and brings prosprety 2 germany and all Nazis.
by crack spider February 28, 2007
A derogative term for the police.
cop: were gona do a body cavity search.
man:you guys are Nazis man freaking nazis!
by Deep blue 2012 October 15, 2009
Jackbooted thugs who destroy innocents and whose goal is the imposition of false and destructive ideas upon a once-thinking populace and the reeducation of society. Thusly, eminent modern examples of Nazis include both feminists and the police.
You whiny little bitch! Stop being such a Nazi about me asking you out - it is NOT sexual harrassment!
by Etymoligizer October 05, 2007
Anyone who is associated with the nazi regime or andy perreault of grand falls
I'm about to unleash my french and nazi side on your ass!
by Nicolas Olmstead June 03, 2005