term used to describe a german kid in your class, that acts like he hates jew, calls you a jew so that he can beat you up, and is very hateful...sometimes
Sam Retzlaff is a nazi.
by K.I.N.G> August 08, 2011
See principal.
A cock eating son of a cunt who thinks that he can treat already suffering AP kids like shit because he gets to sit in the big cheese office and make his fascist salary off of torturing innocents.
Ace: Holy fuck dude, why were you in the office for three hours?

Chris: *comes out crying* That fucking Nazi caught me traveling from AP Algebra to AP History and didn't like the pace of my footsteps so he called me in to give me a lecture of how I am a delinquent and will never amount to anything in society.

Ace: *hugs Chris* it's ok...shhh...it's ok....I'll hide you under the floorboards from that filthy fascist.
by Aceywantsyoursoul August 03, 2012
Definition Member of the Nazi party or part of the Axis during world war 2. Can also mean an ally of the Axis such as Bulgaria/FYROM.
Example 1 The citizens of Skopje and Prilep rejoiced when their Nazi SS friends marched through their Bulgarian lands to help them invade Europe.

Example 2 The Nazis involved in the holocaust were very brutal.
by GordOland February 16, 2011
A jovial form of insult, only recently available due to legal/social attitudes.

Also can be used to someone controlling over any area of life
"Oi you theivin' nazi bastard"

"Health Nazi" (J Gaunt, 2008)

"Hello you daft nazi fool" (to be said in germanic accent)
by Norfolk Panther February 20, 2009
a bunch of anti-Semitic ass-wipe's that are retarded
the Nazi's lick's male ass-hole and is one
by hitler12345 July 11, 2011
A very strict, mean, rude, evil person.
My 7th period teacher is a huge nazi. She's such an asshole.
by OUTRAGEE September 02, 2008
Anyone who disagrees with you on an Internet messageboard. The longer the thread, the more likely it is that a nazi will show up.
WHAT! You're telling me that you are against proposition 42, you f**king nazi! You're worse than hitler!
by butch deadlift July 09, 2009
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