A shortened word for the National Socialist German Workers Party of the 30's and 40's, any body belonging to the Nazi Party or holds similar views of National Socialism expressed by Hitler and the Third Reich.
- a member of the Nazi Party
- Stephen Harper
- the ruling political party in Germany under Hitler
#national socialism #hitler #third reich #nazi #police state
by oSilverbulletx November 02, 2011
A suffix added to words to show that a person is a fanatical follower of an idea.
Bill: My girlfriend is a strict Vegetarian.
Steve: Does she give you a hard time over eating meat.
Bill: Yah, She's a real Vegi-nazi
#strict #add-on #fanatic #ideas #vegitarian
by S. Iorillo November 14, 2007
Somewhere between the years of 1925 and 1945, a Nazi was a member of the National Socialist German Workers' party of Germany, which was lead by Adolf Hitler... They basically wanted to dominate the world on behalf of the Aryan race, as they apparently, feared the procreation of people who were not of the Aryan race. These days, the term is sometimes used by freedom loving folk, particularly anarchists, to describe anyone who seeks to force their way of life on others, as a reminder of what can happen when freedom and a respect for life are not upheld as being of most importance, next to survival, of course.
There's a small group of strangers that often meet in the capital, figuring out ways to force their way of life on the populous... Why do we submit to these Nazis?
#nazi #nazis #fascist #aryan #police
by Respect for life and freedom! January 26, 2013
Ignorant, brainwashed and racist nationalists who hate everything and everyone except their own flag and really really pale white people with green eyes.

The North American variety of Nazis are Rednecks, though there are also Nazis in North America.
Nazis: Kill everyone!
Rednecks: You deadgum raight keill erryone!
#nazi #redneck #fascist #skinhead #russian #russia #neo #nationalist #racist
by Maniolo August 24, 2008
National Allied Zombie Initiative, or N.A.Z.I. is an organization which adheres to the principles of soulless eating husks of decaying flesh. The organization utilizes neo-modernistic views, employs very generous brain charities and donates to body preservation techniques being developed as of now. N.A.Z.I.'s latest attempt at recognition is the new line of fast food restaurants aptly named "MEATWAY", the slogan? "Eat Flesh". Figures.
N.A.Z.I. is like P.E.D.A. accept they eat animals and people.
#zombie #nazi #funny #charity #joke
by DamnTurk February 04, 2010
Term used by left wingers to call anyone who don't agree with their multicultural delusions.
Person : They should totally ban Islamic hate preachers in the western world.
#nazi #hitler #left winger #left #politics
by Woolwarth April 04, 2015
term used to describe a german kid in your class, that acts like he hates jew, calls you a jew so that he can beat you up, and is very hateful...sometimes
Sam Retzlaff is a nazi.
#nazi-like #naziish #jew #jewish #jewism
by K.I.N.G> August 08, 2011
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