Horrible people. Caused WWII.
The Nazi and their leader Hitler were horrible people.
by Douko March 19, 2008
The bad guys from the Wolfenstein series of computer games.
BJ Blazkowicz single handedly won WWII by defeating the nazis.
by Dude, where's my bagel? July 12, 2006
A defamatory slur used mainly in the United States by Progressives, Cultural Marxists, and Social Democrats in an attempt to demonize political opponents who do not agree with their egalitarian world-view.
"Hey, dude, that guy doesn't think that illegal immigrants should be allowed in-state tuition rates for public universities!!! Can you believe that?!"--Dude #1
"Jeez, what an inbred racist bigot NAZI!!!!"--Dude #2
by TigerTownTERROR June 09, 2008
1. short for Nationalist Socialist German party

2. more recently, it has become a slang term used to described people who are overly concerned about details (in an unhealthy way), and like to correct others on every occasion they get. Especially evident on internet forums, blogs, and youtube

A - me and my friend went out yesterday
B - that's "my friend and I went out yesterday"
A - don't be such a syntax nazi
by arjont February 07, 2011
National Socialist German Workers Party.
A political group hailing from Münich, which sought to unite all Germanic people in a thousand-year reich.
While often portrayed as "evil" by the Allies, the Nazis did NOT want to take over the world, or even Europe for that matter.
My grandfather was a Nazi.
by YodaCows July 27, 2005
Niggardly Asinine Zionist Idiot.
J.H.W. Bush: My son you’re such a poor bastard when you let your army invade Iraq!
J.W. Bush: Phew…Nah, I am sure that I did sell much more weapons than ever before. Your NAZI at heart, daddy.
by quan cao tien August 05, 2010
National Association for the Zoological Institutions
How's about we call our team the National Association for the Zoological Institution
by Anono May 11, 2004
Sick evil fucks!
Wanted to take over Europe yes but they did also try to attack America.
The nazis weren't as evil as the commies but they were still plenty evil enough those sick freaks!
by Nazis SUCK October 16, 2005
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