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Someone who listens to and/or plays in nazi punk bands and is usually involved in the neo-nazi movement. The music sounds the same but the lyrics show their bigotry and overall fascist message.
"I fucking hate those nazi punks"
"Nazi punks fuck off"
by HAND April 25, 2004
1. A song by the Dead Kennedys that shows the stupidity and hypocricy of so-called "nazi's" in the punk scene.
"Nazi punks fuck off!"
by weARE138 April 22, 2004

Punk rockers who wear swastikas to piss off the marxist who dominate the sccen also White gang members who happen to be fans of punk rock

nazi punks war fare88,c-95,chaos 88,Hatedge
by NLR718 June 19, 2006
A Punk Rocker who uses the Swastica as a Tag i.e. Gets a Swastica Tattoo, Spray paints the Swastica on walls etc. and who publicly expresses there dislike for Jews
"Whats with all the Nazi Punks?"
by Joshua Wyatt March 22, 2006
1. Those skin head fuckers that hate the jews.
2. A great song by Dead Kennedys.
I wish those nazi punks would fuck off...
by PAYTIR September 11, 2003
A bunch of kids who don't know anything about politics, or any of the history behind Nazis. They gather around and discuss such things as they do and make fools of themselves by being completely wrong. These persons usually become the racists that they are by being beaten up by someone of color or of the Jewish religion several times in there pathetic lives, so they need to take it out on them later in life. To all of them who have read this Fuck Off and Die
Nazi Punks. They listen to ScrewDriver
by Gigglefits July 13, 2010
A nazi punk is a stupid poser who gives all of punk a bad image. Real punk is anti rascist they are rascist. These ARE NOT REAL PUNKS!! Punks are anarchist Nazi punks are fascist. They listen to their own white power music that sounds similar but is the exactly the opposite. Nazi punks are the same as white power skinheads.
Look at all those stupid nazi punk posers coming out of that skrewdriver concert.
by THCLSD420 July 29, 2013
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