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a term used for a very very very very very stubborn person. who listens to no one, is ofetn very hyper, and very independent. will not settle down, and likes to have fun. but sometimes is in a unbearbly bitchy mood. but everyone still loves this person, but they dont know why.
that girl is such a nayara.
by beatriz fk u June 14, 2008
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Usually meek and humble, when you talk to nayara she tends to listen more than anything. Shes very kind to others and puts them first before her self, dont let the meekness fool you. Nayara can have a sensual side. Once you get to know her she is funny and is definitely someone to keep close. Boys melt when they see her, strange girls call her bestfriend when they meet her.
Boy 1: Dude I totally just melted when I saw nayara
Boy 2: I can tell, your all over the floor

Girl 1: I just met nayara and shes my bestfriend!
Girl 2: no way! Shes my bestfriend!
by Jelly& October 14, 2015

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