self-absorbed narcissist.
What a bunch of navelgazers - all they ever talk about is themselves!
by dafduc July 28, 2006
Top Definition
one who is extraordinarily self-absorbed with him or herself on any given issue; excessive introspection and reflection when action is more necessary. (v) navel gazing.
Bill is a ha ha ha ha (laughter) hahahahahaha (more laughter) hee-hee-hee (coughing) hee-hee-hee (more coughing) hee-hee (laughter) Navel-Gazer.

If Mr. Bill wasn't such a Navel-Gazer, he might actually take some bad advice.
by Bob Doughnuts March 19, 2008
a very offensive term for a megalomaniacal, arrogant, chutzpan, self centered, navel gazing individual who has few or no friends in society.
Dudley Dursley from the Harry Potter series would probably be the the perfect epitome of a navel gazer
by sexydimma October 04, 2013

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