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Nausicaa is a character from an old anime movie called "Nausicaa: valley of the wind" by Hayao Miyazaki, an amazing animator. People like to think she rides bareback on her plane but she actually wears skin tight, skin coloured trousers so shut the fuck up.

She also is a tree hugger and likes insects.
Nausicaa does wear trousers, despite popular belief.
by chocolate fingers August 14, 2006
1.)Hayao Miyazaki's fictional enviornmentalist heroine in "Nausicaa:Princess of the Valley of the Wind". She is Asbel's love interest and actually the savior in blue in the prophecy at the end of the movie. She's hot.

2.)Princess in Homer's epic poem. She is the daughter of King Alcinous and Queen Arete. Nausicaa is symphathetic torwards Odysseus and helps him return to Ithaca. In greek her name is "burner of ships".
by Ivan230 September 22, 2009
a girl who likes to fly around with no pants on, revealing herself to the world. She is the princess of the Valley of the Winds. Nausicaa is pretty much snatch.
Nausicaa is pretty much snatch.
by Grayson the Slayer April 08, 2006

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