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(noun) - the art of squarely placing one's body upon another in a fashion such that the testicles fill the opening between the bottom partners legs near the asscrack. If done properly, this should create the appearance of two pancakes stacked. One then proceeds in letting the penis marinate in the butthole of one's partner until the "frothy pancake batter" again finds it way into the "ceramic mixing bowl." The process may take anywhere from minutes to weeks to "fully bake." Maple syrups would be kind of gross, but I guess for the sake of being genuine it could prepared and thoroughly applied. Ideal for the lonely lumberjack looking for some loving on a cold winter's night. Homosexuality implied, but not guaranteed.
Heat up your griddle and start mixing the batter, I'm having a
ravenous hankering for some of your naughty flapjacks
by Darius Weatherford October 30, 2007
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