1)adolf hitlar
2)ugly person
3)a perverted frog with a shot gun
2)OMG cover ur eyes its a natzi!
by u8hyguyghj February 01, 2003
Top Definition
Fucking morons who cannot spell "Nazi" correctly
"I weesh I wuz a NATZI cuz i cant fuhckinnn speel"
by Tainted God September 20, 2006
The wrong way to spell nazi.
This is Natzi the way to spell NAZI.
by Steezmaster McSteez October 31, 2009
Overly anal spelling correctors.
Natzi is spelled N-A-T-Z-I not N-O-T-Z-E-E!
by Kurisuchi July 23, 2006
compulsive, slave-driving freak
Workout Natzi
Chem Natzi
by Anonymous April 23, 2003
1) Small Penis'd fucks
2) Fagzillas
3) Teachers who give too muRch work
1) Wow thats nothing like what my jewish boy friend has
2) "Oh natzi, do u like it in this hole!?"
3)"Thanks for the paper adolf"
by Hooman December 12, 2003
rulers of the late 30s
all hail hiter!!
sieg hile
by Lara Pedersen January 07, 2004
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