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Known as many things but most commonly refered to as the butt.
Just remember Tyler, if you get cold put your hands in Nature's pocket.
by Eric Thomas p March 02, 2008
your butt hole
Girlfriend: I don't want to carry a purse tonight, will you hold my keys?

Boyfriend: Why don't just put them in nature's pocket.
by aiph77 January 29, 2009
The human anus. Used for storing small, to medium sized objects.
1."Scratch teh insied of my NATURE'S POKET!"

2."Yo, bch'azz! I stuck dat blow in my fuckin' nature's pocket. Pry it out b4 the po-po comes rollin'."

by Cylyk November 05, 2002
there really are three definitions:

1. The butt
2. Foreskin
3. The vagina
4. A Schurch
1. If you get cold put your hands in nature's pocket.
2. Now, Just remember that your penis is in nature's pocket.
3. Man, You could fit like 5 oranges in natures pocket!
4. Whoa!!! Thats on hot nature's pocket!
by Eric Thomas p March 01, 2008
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