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a movie that will move you because the story of its characters are more interesting than you or any of your friends could ever be, and like the tv host character who interviews the vigilante and then goes postal himself, claiming "i never felt more alive", you will too AT LEAST think of ways you yourself could feel "alive" in the so far pathetic and boring ass life you are living.
I'm alive! For the first fucking time I'm alive! Thank
you Mickey. Let's kill all these motherfuckers!
by matt s June 09, 2004
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people who don't hide from their impulses, and face the truth of what they want. everyone could be one, but are scared by society and law.
natural born killers are the most pure animal of the human race
by nbk666 March 23, 2010
someone who is just naturally good at killing, fighting, inflicting harm. not with any weapons except maybe a knife or close range blade/ club weapon. using firearms does NOT make you a natural born killer.

also, Carlos Condit's nickname.
damn man, i think you really fucked that kid up bad....

" i cant help it, im a natural born killer"
by themonster May 26, 2009
A no-honour Runescape clan. So NH that they kill RAW referres when it looks like they will lose. All their stats are gained through AFKing or macroing.

Frequently boast about their high pulls, but these usually consist of level 80s. Their only truly popular regular events are to RC pkill on PVP worlds.
I was trying to RC on world 65 but I got jumped by a load of nerds from Natural Born Killers. They got my glory, but then they have to share it between 10-20 lonely nerds.

Its a wonder NBK need warlords like The Buzz Hed when all they do is RC pkill.
by Assassin1300 April 22, 2009
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