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Human beings who lack any superior knowledge, thought processing, or advanced skills.
It was like being in a room full of naturals, all the dumbfounded expressions, when they didn't understand the professors questions
by Yeoj January 30, 2014
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sex without condom; the way nature intended it. Either straight intercourse or oral sex
we had natural sex, it was really hot (no condom)
by tomdeve November 02, 2011
14 15
A little goes an extra rich, deep, delicious, long way.
Her pole was very natural.
by natural clarker October 19, 2009
4 8
A term used in Warcraft III to denote gold mines which are located near the starting base of a player. These mines are typically lightly guarded and hence favor Humans and Night Elves that can expand them quickly.
Lost Temple is so imba. A human can have level 2 and expand his natural within the first 3 minutes of the game.
by Werx April 22, 2005
17 30
What the original picture of TROGDOR the BURNiNATOR doesn't look.
by The Wraith October 14, 2003
15 39