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Official Beer of Levittown(NY none of that pussy PA shit)
New natty can featured in levittown tribune
by Jerald Johanson October 31, 2007
slang for cincinnati. usually preceded by "the."
where you from, fool?

yo i'm from the natty.
by sifelaver May 13, 2004
As in "to pull a natty" on someone.

Pulling a "natty" refers to a man using his semi-erect penis to very lightly smack the cheeks of a woman.

The name natty comes from the character "Natalie" in Mrs. Doubtfire due to her very chubby, supple cheeks.
Right before she gave me a blow job, I whipped it out and pulled a natty on her.
by Aiden Bentley June 28, 2007
A natural rising pizza.
"hey slide in another natty yo I've got a rumble down under"
by mike to the f dot April 11, 2006
A sweet and innocent girl.
She looks like a natty.
by Anonymous July 20, 2003
a national championship
I really hope our football team wins the natty this year.
by Ian March 28, 2005
1: Something gross, low-class or unclean. Originally meaning neat in apperance, the word natty ironically became its an antonym for itself over time, thanks in large part to its adoption by Rastafarian slang. When the Bob Marley and the Wailers album Natty Dread was released, "natty" was used positively to describe the "dread" as hip or cool. When people realized that Rastafarians are stupid and don't shower and the "natty" dread is actually gross, the word changed meanings.
2: Natural Light or Natural Ice beers are commonly referred to as "Natty" instead of "Natural," reenforcing the new meaning of Natty (def 1).
3: A filterless, hand rolled cigarette that is very harsh on the lungs, smells terrible, and, if not rolled correctly, can be a chore to smoke.
1: "She's hot, but I heard she doesn't shave and has a real natty, hairy pussy."
2: "I wanted to get wasted at that party, but all they had was Natty Light, so I huffed gasoline instead."
3: "I hate smoking nattys, but rolling tobacco is just SO cheap!"
by PattyD March 05, 2007