short for the best beer ever Natural Ice
lets get some natties
by keenan December 01, 2003
A gym goer who trains hard with heavy weights and follows intelligent programming and with good diet however isn't that big, muscular, strong, or ripped (compared to fitness models). Short for "Natural", as in, does not use any steroid hormones at all.

"Fake Natty": A steroid user who says he's a natty
"Half Natty": A steroid user who takes extremely small doses, is usually also a fake natty
Guy who doesn't lift but watches a bunch of youtube videos about Kali Muscle and Jeff Seid: "Wtf bro you've been lifting for 4 years and you only bench 245? Bitch-azz"
Natty: "Ugh fking aye, I'm natty, try to get there yourself phaget."
by Zyzy December 14, 2015
Afrikan hair worn twisted and left to grow without ever combing again.
THE LATE GREAT BOB MARLEY O.M loved to shake his natties while singing.
#dreadlocks #afrikan twists #naties #locks #dreads.
by DON OMIDELE LAYNE February 03, 2006
Natural, in accordance with nature

Natty Dreads as opposed to insta- dreads
#ital #natural #original #pure #organic
by NattyMegs October 03, 2005
natural light brand beer
A bottle of natty sat upon the counter when he got back.
#colloquial #nattey #nattie #natty ice #naty
by The Return of Light Joker July 10, 2008
Adj./Adv. Used to describe activities or situations in the college culture that are sterotypically sub-par.

Derivation: A slang noun tranformed into and adj./adv. It follows the assumption that Natural Light/Ice beer ("Natty") is cheap and only broke-ass college guys drink it for the sole purpose of getting wasted.
"The ratio of guys to girls is extra natty at this party."

"That guy was so natty drunk he passed out on the stairs at the party and then messed himself in front of everyone."

"Those guys are having some sort of natty reunion, hugging and yelling with no shirts on, and playing some sort of nipple pinching game"
#busted #lame #ambiguously gay #jock #meathead
by Mike S.M. December 04, 2008
Not Allowed To Talk Yet. "Call sign" for a rookie Navy pilot, or FNG.
"NATTY"= FNG call sign.
#call signs #aviation #pilot #naval aviation #fng
by navy guy May 09, 2006
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