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national geographic magazine! -this honored and wondrous magazine was the place i saw my first pair of tits!! -although they were on an african woman, and i had been raised in somewhat of a racist environment, it was not too difficult to imagine them on a white woman!! i was like, damn! whats' the big deal?? -so THATS' a pair of tits!!

natty geo also was in my hands many a time when i'd find myself in some boring environment, ie; visiting friends of my folks, etc.......

i at one time subscribed, but had trouble with their nazi-like subscription policies. i've recently heard they're "hurting" -i hope not!!...-glorious magazine with great articles and WONDERFUL photography!!
found myself at "uncle" mcfoolsley's house bored to tears!, natty geo was my savior!!
seed me a pair of tits in natty geo !!
by michael foolsley February 20, 2010
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