A cheap brand of beer usually consumed by underage schoolchildren. It is known for being piss water, in that its low alcohol content and diuretic nature cause the drinker to need to utinate frequently but not get very inebriated.
Guy #1: Did ya'll picked up that case of guinness like I asked for?
Guy #2: Yeah, they was out so i got this instead.
Guy #1 Nattie Ice! This shit is piss water! Fuck you, man.
by Billy The Impaler December 13, 2004
Top Definition
a beer with a great history of service to the working classes of america.. A beer that makes you wanna wake up and go to work, with the comfort of knowing that multiple cold brews will be waiting. at a price of 4.99 for a 12 pack this brew is a simply unbeatable value that invites many classy, yet unemployed, inviduals to enjoy its rich taste. When added to a funnel this beverage has the ability to make an individual incoherent within several minutes. When purchasing in a grocery store, many fellow customers will tend to make comments about the quality of the beverage, but these comments shoud be ignored
"Nattie Ice!!!! you must be getting really fucked up tonight."
by joe jameson September 11, 2006
man, you're one hell of a dumbass. low alcohol content? you obviously haven't drank natty ice, or looked at the can. natty ice has 5.9% alcohol, a lot more than your average beer.
man, if i were to give you a glass of natty ice, and a glass of my piss, you couldn't taist the difference.
by zack December 29, 2004
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