The 'original' Americans.

White man stole their land so they took their scalps and built casinos.
The Native American enjoys white-man-scalping, long walks on the beach followed by black jack.
by jazz4 April 26, 2011
1. A descendant of one of the tribes who lived in America before the Europeans arrived. It considered politically incorrect to call Native Americans "Indians," partly because when Christopher Columbus forgot his ADD medication and somehow thought America was India, he was wrong; and partly because it is considered offensive to real Indians to call Native Americans "Indians."

2. An Irishman who sailed to Japan, lived on soybeans until his thyroid was ruined, sailed back to Ireland, got kicked out for having a horrible voice, sailed back to Japan, got kicked out for having horrible math skills, then noticed the giant continents of North and South America and decided to live on them and have children with Eskimos and/or Mexicans.

3. A highly ghetto group of people living on reservations. They know every button combination in street fighter, every playing stat of their favorite basketball heroes, and a bunch of life's rules, such as "bros before hoes."
1. Christopher Columbus once sailed west from Portugal, hoping to find India and all its beautiful women. Instead, he found a bunch of Native American kids hanging around a basketball court, playing gameboys and drinking soda. "I'm going to pretend this never happened," he told himself, and sailed back to Portugal to tell his Portuguese friends that he had been to India.

2. WHITE KID: That Native American storyteller sounds like he has a hole in his throat.

OTHER WHITE KID: That's because he's Asian. Duh.

WHITE KID: Oh. Wait, so why is that one other Native American kid at the same level in math as me?

OTHER WHITE KID: Because he's Irish. Duh.
by Bertoffski January 02, 2008
The original settlers of North America. Also known as 55 million dumbasses, that couldn't work together for five minutes to keep the white man from taking all their shit.
Hey Cletus, let's give those Native Americans over there some firewater, so they'll help us kill the Native Americans over here.
by mwaide July 12, 2006
There really aren't any. If someone says they are Native American what they really mean is 200 years ago their great-great granmother/father whatever had a second cousin who was possibly 1/100th Native American.
White: I'm white I rule the world and know everything and everyone is dumb wee! Europe is so cool man!

by Larry Kincaid July 31, 2005
A group of foreigners who got here first.
Those damn Native Americans trying to steal my land with all this "We were first" nonsense!
by Mr. Grey May 05, 2005
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