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An indigenous person of the Western Hemisphere, which includes the North and South American continents, as well as the West Indies, and even Greenland. Believed to have crossed over the Berring Strait during the last Ice Age. They produced great and technologically advanced civilizations such as the Mayans, the Aztecs, the Incas, and many others.
Also known as American Indian, Amerind (also their language group), Amerindian, & Native American Indian etc

Most (north of the Rio Grande in particular) were killed off by various means.

The people of Mexico, ranked by wealth and influence (at least for the first 3), from least to most, are somthing like 20% Native American, 70% Mestizo (a mixture of White, typically Mediteranian Spanish European, and Native American), 7% White\European, and 3% Other (typically of or containing African and or Middle Eastern Ancestry)
So my point is, when people immigrate from Mexico to the USA (EEUU), whether legally or illegally, they are oftentimes just returning to the land that they had always occupied, millenia before Columbus or Leif Erikson
north of the Rio Grande, most Native Americans were killed off by European diseases or by Euro-American imminent domain (which not only involved getting kicked off their land, but also the coldblooded murder of the men, the rape of the women, the sending of the children off to fascistic orphanages and boarding schools where their culture was systematically suppressed so they could instead speak english and follow protestant christianity)

Most of the people in Bolivia, Peru, Guatemala, and El Salvador are Native Americans.
by Miskatonic Jack 2 December 09, 2006
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A proud race that migrated from the North to the "New World." People whos ways of Nature and beauty were more cherished then others. Some Tribes believed that a "Native" was born with a quality under a wheel. Courage, Braviery, wisdom, Honor, medicine man. "Tun-Han-kua" -Lokota for Buffollo, was a symbol of God.
But in the 1800s Europeans, now reconized as the white man, stole land and raped my people. Put us in Rez and tried to make us like them. In old classical Films, we were saw as the "Bad Guys, Savages" When the savages were really greedy mine workers. The term "Indian" is a ignorant statement from that fag Christopher Columbus.
"The White Man Are Like Locust." - From 'Into the West'
Native Americans - True owners of American.
Idiot - So what rase are you?
Native- Im Native American.
Idiot - an Indian! cool!
Native - No, a Native American, or Native, I dont call you honkie do I?
Idiot - No duhh
by White Wind February 06, 2006
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People who migrated from Asia to the continents of North and South America. They don't all live in tee pees, that is only in the Southwest of North America. They have different tradtions and unique culture and language. One idiot posted "omg I hate white ppl cuz Im lyke 35% Native American, I wanna like kill white ppl". Just because a group of White people killed Native Americans does NOT speak for all white people, especially those of the modern day.
Idiot: "Omg I'm like 2% native american fuck white ppl"

Real Native American: "If your only 2% than your more white or than you are native american. Also not all Native Americans hated whites/europeans. They did trade with them and actually did co-exist equally for a while. Yes, white people stole our land, more specifically ENGLISH and SPANISH. Would you blame an Italian or a Russian for stealing your land even though they had nothing to do with the colonization of America?
by jersey kid November 19, 2007
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People that lived in what is known as North, Central and South America now before greedy Europeans came about 500 yeras ago and shat on the people already there in their search for gold. Every tribe is different, some lived in mountains, others on plains, forests, every climate that America contains. Original Native Americans had brown, reddish looking skin, straight black hair, big cheekbones and dark eyes. A small percentage of the North American population is of Native American descent but most South Americans have some Native American descent. Mixed with the ancestry of Spanish invaders (rapists).
Christopher Columbus thought he'd reached India when he reached the shores of a large lagoon natural harbour that is now San Salvador. His arrival was overlooked by Native American inhabitants.
by powervolume March 05, 2009
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The people on Earth that were attacked, and cheated out of their land. Life for them was destroyed from the moment white people entered their country. The Lumbee tribe, in particular, are especially strong and proud of their heritage. They do not live on reservations. Most live in Robeson County, N.C. The Lumbees are also believed to be descendents of the "Lost Colony", though it hasn't been proven. Also, the Ku Klux Klan attempted to attack the Lumbees, but the Lumbees fought back and owned them. You come lookin' for a fight, boy, you don't wanna know how bad you'll get beat. I am a proud Lumbee, and I am kind of tired of stupid people asking me if I am Indian from India, or Hispanic. Get your facts straight people.
Idiot talking to me - "Hey, are you mexican?"
Me - "No, I am Native American, actually. I am part of the Lumbee Tribe, one of the many types of Native Americans."
Idiot talking to me - "So, you're mexican, right?"
Me - "Go sit in the corner."
by XxiLuSiOnZxX April 05, 2011
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1. original settlers of America
2. original hippies
3. people who think nature is the shit (which it is)
4. some of the most gorgeous peoeple in the world

Fulano: i dunno, ese, all those gringos killed them in the 16th century

Indians you might know of: Pocahauntas, Jacob Black...yep.
by Maricela September 14, 2007
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The Solutrean people who The Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History has proven came to north america 5000 years before american Indians came from northeast Asia over the Bering land bridge

Archaeologists tracing the earliest to later sites in the Americas find that they tend to be older in south America and on the East coast of the USA. This trend is exactly opposite one would predict if the Indians were first over the Bering Strait.

Language links or similarities for many words exist between ancient Europeans and ancient Stone Age Americans. These links appear to point to the Basque people of the France/ Spain region of Europe, and the North Eastern part of North America. This overlaps almost perfectly with multiple lines of genetic evidence (Haplogroup-X and Human Lymphocyte Antigens) which also shows ancient links between Europe and the Northeastern USA. Links between these ancient languages suggests an obvious prior European migration.

The idea that Caucasian or European peoples could have migrated to and inhabited the Americas in ancient times is really not a new idea. As far back as the late 1700’s it was speculated upon. Since then people have noted physical similarity between some Indian tribes and Europeans, similarities between spearpoints, tool kits, and other artifacts. In many ways this is an open secret in the archaeological community, but has been suppressed to the general public, by the mass media.
The the Head of the Division of Archaeology at the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History Dr. Dennis Stanford, Ph.D. has shown that all Archaeological and scientific evidence points to the Solutrean peoples of Europe as being the True First Nation of North America, and therefore the real Native Americans
by Iberian connection September 24, 2011
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