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a woman of stunning and almost unreal beauty.
A woman with dark coloring, brown hair and brown eyes olivish skin, who is beyond beautiful.
She's too beautiful for words! She's a natalie Portman!
by mori10 February 16, 2008
gorgeous and smart. an awesome stripper in the movie Closer. She grew up about 30 minutes from where I live.
Natalie Portman is only like 4 years older than me or something. I could so do her!
by T Sizzle April 21, 2005
1. Russian for "genius yet beautiful vegetarian"
2. an actress who borrowed her stage's last name from her grandmother
Nat, can I borrow your brain?
I know that you've graduated from harvard (summer'03); nowadays you're working on SW III; so can I have your brain for my next semester?
You are so damn smart, so you might not need half of your brain as an actress....
I want to know what it feels like having straight A's in college (so I could transfer to a better university or somethin', you know...).
by uglyron August 08, 2003
Hebrew for: "genious being"
I couldn't believe how Nat could have straight A's in Harvard despite her tight schedule.
Them Jews. I wish I could be a Jew.
by uglyron August 07, 2003
A really hot and intelligent Jew. A rarity these days.
Natalie Portman makes me want to convert to Judaism.
by AlexR April 21, 2005