from ancient hebrew, meaning 'goddess who walks among us.'
she's the only goddess i worship
by speeedracer July 23, 2003
Beautiful, intelligent, passionate, amazing, robbed of an Oscar, and has more talent that I can fathom.
"Who's the most amazing girl on Earth?"
"Natalie Portman"
by AussiePearl43 May 16, 2005
Greatest, Most Beautiful And Wonderful Movie Star EVER!
Natalie Portman Is The Greatest Actress Of All Time.
by Currently Unknown July 25, 2003
Hebrew for Goddess.
The Best Actress of our generation.
A woman who can make any man turn to jelly.
An angel on earth, everything that is good and pure lies within her soul.
I love Natalie Portman
by lbp February 24, 2005
Real name: Natalie Hershlag Use of Stagename: good call. A Semite Goddess, whom I'd gladly give up my heterosexuality for!
Natalie Portman is a present-day Audrey Hepburn.
by Mona Lott November 28, 2005
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