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a girl who is low down and dirty who will do anything
That Hoe a nasty bitch suckin all them dick.
by mamiyork March 10, 2003
a human of the female gender that sleeps with everyone in her town (man or woman), is physically dirty, or has vaginal warts
ehhhh look at that girl, shes a nasty bitch
by Dannymac June 11, 2006
Nasty bitches are known for their extremely disgusting properties and abilities. They are the most repulsive type of women out there, usually robustly overweight along with many other gross attributes. If I had to describe them in a word or two I'd say: Pure Filth.
Johnny: So Dillon I heard you like fucken NASTY ass bitches.

Dillon: Fucken A' my nigga, the nastier the better... they're easy game, man. In fact, I'm dating a nasty bitch named Tiffany and she's 575 lbs. of FREAK!

Johnny: You really are a nasty mother fucker...
by Akjohnny September 23, 2008
not just a nag but a crazy psychotic woman that will inflict irreversible bodily harm, defamation of character, and other totally unexpected acts amounting to overkill.
Can you believe that nasty bitch ran ova his ass 7 times!

That tv judge is a nasty bitch she just decides based on how she feels about a person, thats wrong.
by Braddick1 October 18, 2006
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