1. disgusting
2. raw or tight
1. You got some nasty shit on your floor.
2. Yo, you see that dunk last night? That shit looked nasty didn't it?
by realnigga4life March 01, 2005
all the ugly ho's out there
DAMN, she is soooooooo nasty!
by mish mish man June 22, 2003
Basically another word for saying 'no'. Means that you do not agree with what the other person is saying
Tim: "Hey did you go out last night?"
Steve: "Nasty"
by Gav800 September 07, 2005
All you people who we see & ain't a part of the
You cause you ain't unless you wltp!!!!
by MELISSA ( PART OF THE WLTP ) December 08, 2004
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