in baseball terms, someone who is nasty is mad good at the sport.
"You got a nasty curve ball."
"That pitch was nasty."
#good #awesome #amazing #great #excellent
by Annsterr October 12, 2005
to be sik wit it; really good
Dam! BLUNTZ is a nasty catchor!
by J 0 K A February 02, 2005
Foul tasting student drink made of lager, cider and blackcurrant. See also, diesel
Brett drank 4 pints of Nasty through his nose but had to stop as his nose started bleeding.
by Nick May 21, 2004
Girls who act pure, then turn skank, cheat on boyfriends and act like bitches!
Keri turned NASTY in a hurry, what a nasty bitch!
by Truth December 05, 2003
verb, meaning to give, bring, ect.

i.e. Pass the cherios would be "nasty me the cherios"
"Thoby, nasty me the peanuts"
#dirt #food #giving #verb #nuts
by Malcolm X Terminator August 30, 2008
A discrete word gay people can use to replace the actual word "gay" which can be used in public and doesn't prick up the ears of people listening in.

Background.. Many years ago, a wealthy man in the channel islands once was most dischuffed at his son being "nasty", and to cut a long story short used the term "You're not going to one of those nasty bars are you?".. And so it stuck and distributed..
Oooh, do you think he's nasty?
Whats your id on nastydar?
by MrG July 18, 2004
1. another way of saying nice ass
1. Damn!!! She nasty!!
by live4snow3 October 02, 2003
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