1. Grodey, disgusting,
2. Difficult, irritating
3. Awesome, kick ass, see also wordpimpin
1. That shit was nasty.
2. Oh, man, that concept question was nasty hard.
3. Oh ya man, it was nasty awesome.
by Prof. Alex Delp September 01, 2003
Someone who is being bitchy or snotty.
Hill your being such a nasty.

Whats your problem ya nasty.
by raraaah May 13, 2010
word referring to your significant other such as your boyfriend or girlfriend. Originated in the New York, Long Island, Tri-State area
"she said she'll go but she wants to bring her nasty"

"yeh man before i do, i gotta talk to my nasty bout it"

"Elaines BEEN lookin for a nasty"
by GiiN October 06, 2008
Of or referring to an activity where extreme amounts of energy or effort are expended.
A got a nasty leg workout in this morning.
by jeff March 21, 2004
Trittany is nasty, looks like a man, smells like fish, has a blue waffle, is a lying sack of sh*t, ugly, fat, bulemic, etc.
by Luuucky November 23, 2010
Nasty Crew. The uk's grimiest crew merking the streets of london and all over the uk!
Girls Luv Nasty !
I'm a Nasty Gang Banger ! Brrrrrrraaaaaaapp
by webz August 31, 2006
in baseball terms, someone who is nasty is mad good at the sport.
"You got a nasty curve ball."
"That pitch was nasty."
by Annsterr October 12, 2005

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