Someone who is being bitchy or snotty.
Hill your being such a nasty.

Whats your problem ya nasty.
by raraaah May 13, 2010
word referring to your significant other such as your boyfriend or girlfriend. Originated in the New York, Long Island, Tri-State area
"she said she'll go but she wants to bring her nasty"

"yeh man before i do, i gotta talk to my nasty bout it"

"Elaines BEEN lookin for a nasty"
by GiiN October 06, 2008
Of or referring to an activity where extreme amounts of energy or effort are expended.
A got a nasty leg workout in this morning.
by jeff March 21, 2004
Trittany is nasty, looks like a man, smells like fish, has a blue waffle, is a lying sack of sh*t, ugly, fat, bulemic, etc.
by Luuucky November 23, 2010
Nasty Crew. The uk's grimiest crew merking the streets of london and all over the uk!
Girls Luv Nasty !
I'm a Nasty Gang Banger ! Brrrrrrraaaaaaapp
by webz August 31, 2006
in baseball terms, someone who is nasty is mad good at the sport.
"You got a nasty curve ball."
"That pitch was nasty."
by Annsterr October 12, 2005
to be sik wit it; really good
Dam! BLUNTZ is a nasty catchor!
by J 0 K A February 02, 2005

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