foul smell usually a smell where you need deodorant or something
oh dog ya bathroom smells nasty fetch some deodorant or something its so nasty
by Melsy May 12, 2006
used in context to something/someone who performed an act of great exaggeration.
"man, the other day i fell nasty coming down the hill!" "hahaha, ah man that drink was nasty status".
by citlali October 26, 2003
To be:
A- Disgusting, vile or lewd
B- Rude, impolite, or extremely offensive in conduct towards another person
1. LaWiesha is nasty; don't drink out of the same cup as her or borrow her toothbrush

2. Jerk-off At The Osco- Whaddya mean you don't carry ___?!! *shoves cashier* What the heck kind of sorry excuse for an Osco is this!?
Cashier- I'm sorry, but we ran out yesterday. There's nothing I can do about it now; the next shipment isn't due in for another 5 hours....and being a nasty, arrogant jerkoff won't expedite the process, either!
by RatchetBoo June 07, 2003
Too Much Of Something
I was Yogi "nasty" last night (I didnt use any condoms last night)
George be scratch "nasty" (George is always scratching himself)
by Thizz503 April 27, 2011
Something that is really cool or "sick". Phrase used to describe some one that is good at something.
1. That car is nasty!!!

2. Damn, Chris is nasty at hockey!!
by Eric the roc May 11, 2007
When describing something/someone you like or that you think is "hot"
Angelina Jolie is nasty.
Those shoe's are nasty, I want them.
by Miss V January 26, 2007
1. Grodey, disgusting,
2. Difficult, irritating
3. Awesome, kick ass, see also wordpimpin
1. That shit was nasty.
2. Oh, man, that concept question was nasty hard.
3. Oh ya man, it was nasty awesome.
by Prof. Alex Delp September 01, 2003

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