pronounced nast eye or just nasty.

A filthy and unsanitary dwelling
You just go back to your nasty, don't come here and sit on my clean furniture. Brush your teeth too!
#nasty #nasteye #nas tee #nast eye #nast iiii
by Stretch from Chitown May 11, 2012
something that looks good.
Them shoes look nasty.
by bowsgurl132004 February 26, 2004
Natural Artistic Sounds Touching You
UKG. Plaistow reps
by ffurtuffs October 27, 2003
dirty, soiled or defiled
about a dropped and broken jar of pickles... Hey Jerome gimmie one a 'em pilckes, reply, 'em pickles nawlty.
by Jerome July 25, 2003
To be of great liking.
That game was freeking NASTY.
by Mark Adamczyk February 19, 2003
A nasty is someone who does not bathe, brush their teeth, or even attempt any sort of hygienic activity.

They are typically very loud and obnoxious, and cannot comprehend normal social etiquette. They like to loom in the distance and listen in on normal people's conversations, walk too close to you, and generally act creepy.
Nasties tend to group together, and it is not uncommon for them to become a clique, where they will proceed to inter-date and fester in their own little worlds.

Everyone knows a nasty. No one can escape their greasy clutches. The best you can do is avoid eye contact and sit as far away from them as physically possible. Becoming friends with them will only make you miserable and a social outcast.
Nasty: Hey.
Student: Oh... uh, hi.
Nasty: We used to ride the same bus. Remember that hat you let me borrow?
Student: ...Yeah...
Nasty: I still have it. It still smells like you, too, lol.

Student 1: Oh my fucking god, that nasty is creepy as HELL.
Student 2: Fucking nasties.
#nasty #nastie #smelly ass motherfucker #ugly #flossie
by bathe regularly, children. November 14, 2010
Synonym for vagina.
That's as tight as a nun's nasty!
#vagina #pussy #beaver #box #cunt #fanny
by weaselteats October 18, 2009
little brown cigars sold in packs of twenty for a fraction of the cost of normal cigarettes; the smoke of choice for welfare recipients everywhere
"Can I get a pack of Nasty's?"
#cigar #welfare #cigarette #nicotine #fag
by pegiampeg January 16, 2008
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