pronounced nast eye or just nasty.

A filthy and unsanitary dwelling
You just go back to your nasty, don't come here and sit on my clean furniture. Brush your teeth too!
by Stretch from Chitown May 11, 2012
Raven Symone's common saying in "That's So Raven."
"Ya little nasty."
"Wake up, ya nasty!"
"I'm leaving, ya nasty!"
"There is no way I am cleaning this NASTY room..."
"It'll get pretttttttty nasty"
by EllyVator February 10, 2012
glasgow word for having sex
Ted was looking forward to getting his nasties
by chelsea dagger November 02, 2006
Rosie O'Donell
Damn, that bitch so nasty, she ROSIE O'DONELL NASTY!!!
by baggzycomings March 19, 2009
Used often by Marines, as a noun, in reference to individuals that do not meet Marine Corp standards. Generally in reference to physical fitness or appearance.
"'If any of you nasties set off one of these in the dark . . ." Keeping Faith, John Schaeffer and Frank Schaeffer, Carroll and Graf distributed by publishers group west.

"...that is of course if you nasties have what it takes to become part of my beloved Marine Corps. Get some!" mavericmarine,

"If you hated the Marine Corps until you got your $30 grand, then all of a sudden you were a motivator, you will eventually fade back into the realm of nasties." warrior0369,

by wongerrrrrr September 22, 2008
Nasty is an amalgamated word that stands for 'Tasty Knacker'

The term is used to describe good looking men who are easy to catch but must be disposed of quickly due to their liabilities.

A nasty should be treated with caution and only indulged on in controlled conditions.
Oh, would you look at the nasty coming up the road, should I risk it?

Come here, will you get me away from this nasty, he is too hot, I can't bring myself to send him away.

Laura pulled a total nasty last week, fair play to her, she got rid of him quick as well.
by RobbiThompson October 13, 2013
When somebody is out of cigarettes and they rip up a bunch of cigarette butts and re-roll them into a whole cigarette.
"Hey do you have a smoke?"
"No dude, I haven't had any all day and I've been needing one so I even rolled a nasties."
by McStallion September 29, 2011
term used generally by marines, as an adjective, describing an individual's (usually civilian) actions or property as not meeting marine corps standards.
"Civilian life, he says, is "nasty, too much 'me-ness' and selfishness,"
Making the Corps, pg162, Simon and Schuster, 1997

by wongerrrr September 22, 2008

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